SteamWorld Heist Ultimate Edition (Switch) DIGITAL

SteamWorld Heist Ultimate Edition (Switch) DIGITAL


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Play as the admirable tactician Captain Piper and her ragtag team of fellow steambots as they explore outer space in pursuit of the galaxy’s dwindling water reserves. Your adventures will take you on board many enemy ships ready to defend their loot, so you’ll need to think tactically in order to survive tense turn-based side-scrolling shootouts. As your loot starts to pile, be prepared to defend your own ship from invading factions as well!

As every scavenging steambot knows, strategy and skill go hand in hand! Move your team around procedurally generated maps, take cover behind barrels, and carefully aim your shots with precision. You can even ricochet bullets off walls and around the environment for skilful trick shots!

Arm your gang with an assortment of crazy weapons and upgrade each bot’s gear with new armour, pneumatic fists, or even a fine new hat swiped from the last chump who underestimated Captain Piper’s crew!

Keep an eye on your team’s positions and dive into your inventory to stay on top of the battle. Ensure your cargo ship’s always fuelled up to explore the furthest reaches of space and recruit new steambots to join in your adventures, each with their own characteristics.

Lead your crew to victory on a steam-fuelled space adventure in SteamWorld Heist.


  • Fight for resources in this turn-based side-scrolling tactical action game
  • Strategise as you shoot your way through procedurally generated spaceships
  • Equip your steambots with weapons, gear, and even stylish hats!

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Systémové požadavky

Nintendo Switch.

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