Ultimate NES Remix (3DS) DIGITAL

Ultimate NES Remix (3DS) DIGITAL


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Akční, Dobrodružné, Arkády, HRY PRO Nintendo DS/3DS

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Take retro remixes on the road in Ultimate NES™ Remix on Nintendo 3DS and 2DS! Best over 250 bite-sized 8-bit challenges based on classic moments from 16 NES titles, including Super Mario Bros., Punch-Out!!, The Legend of Zelda, Metroid, and more!

Earn Stars to unlock additional trials by overcoming NES stages, then prove you’re a retro wiz in Remix stages, which throw the rulebook out of the window and give well-known titles a new twist. Anything can happen in these special stages: characters turn up in games that aren’t their own, screens are flipped upside down and colours are swapped around!

Access leaderboards for each stage once they’re completed, and compare your playthroughs to those of your friends and players across the region – you can even view videos of other players’ performances! If you fancy a real test, take on three challenges in a row and try to set a high score in Championship Mode, then upload your score to the online leaderboard to see how you stack up!

Take control of over 250 stages based on classic NES titles and re-master the retro era in Ultimate NES™ Remix, only on Nintendo 3DS and 2DS!


  • Beat bite-sized challenges based on 16 classic NES titles
  • Test yourself in Remix stages, which rework the rules and give well-known titles all-new twists!
  • Compete with other players on online leaderboards

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Konsola Nintendo 3DS.

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